Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Future of Renting Things

V, the energy drink has launched a muti-platform campaign offering customers (albeit quirky) experiences that money can by in the form of V Rentals, a make-shft company that offers body building removalists, a pimped out Jacuzzi truck, a puppy wingman (etc) to V customers who collect barcodes found on the can.

Done by Clemenger BBDO Sydney (Disclaimer: I work for BBDO/Proximity Singapore) It's a high energy, irreverant campaign that reflects the brand ethos and the product truth which makes "everyday more awesome".

The best takeaway, was this quote made by the brand marketing director who said "Brands today can’t just say, they have to do, but you have to do in a way that only your brand can. You have to go beyond advertising and create experiences and memories that brings your product and brand promise to life."

That sums it all up and should be what all brands seek to do beyond traditional print and TV ads. Spoken by a true client marketer that gets it.

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