Friday, June 15, 2012

Puma Social Dream Team

Puma has been able to put a unique point of view around sports that is intrinsically linked to the brand purpose: The After Hours Athlete. Honoring the heroes of after hour sports, these are unconventional individuals who shun calories counting, fitness training for ping pong, ten-pin blowing, foosball, darts and karaoke. Just like regular athletes, they keep their eye on the prize – the goal of scoring a phone number precedes the goal of winning a basketball game.


This POV is wrapped around a truly social platform aptly branded Puma Social.


In its current form, Puma has launched Puma Social Dream Team in Asia. User engagement comes in the form of a Facebook app which leverages on your social graph to determine your social traits within a team setting and goes on to help you put together the right group of friends (leveraging on their social graph) for every social situation possible ranging from a night out in town, a bowling match to a Karaoke session.


A retail marketing strategy is tightly weaved into the experience with the app making recommendations on customized products for you and each friend in your dream team.


One of the truly “social” aspects of this is that it allows you to discover interesting social facts like friends who have checked-in with you most often or who has “liked” your Facebook posts the most.


There’s a also a clear call to action and retail push in the form of a downloaded coupon that gives you 15% discount on Puma merchandise. Check it out here



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