Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tribute to my Dad

It's not father's day nor is it his birthday but I guess I just wanted to make a tribute to my Dad. Possibly because I'm alone and away from home and feeling a little too darn melancholic. In any case, this is one of his favourite songs. A little ironic though given it's about a son who doesn't communicate well with his father and regrets it when...well, I don't think I want to say that cos it would be too frightening a thought.

Dad and I had our differences when I was growing up and at some point of time in my adolescent life, I felt I could not be any further away from him. But now things have gotten so much better and very much closer. Here's to my Dad - the man whom I love and respect deeply and the person who has always been there for me, no matter how badly I screwed up. Thanks Dad.

Earth Hour - 28 March 2009

Check out these amazing Earth Hour pictures. I'm glad I was a part of it. I've never quite seen Hong Kong that dark on a Saturday night.

Designer Lunch

Went to the Agnès b Cafe at Leighton Road last week for lunch with some clients and man, I must say that this place is nice. I'm not food connoisseur so this is not going to be a food review. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Check out these little packets of Agnès b delights. This is afterall, Hong Kong, the land of the toothpicks

I twitter because I have no friends

This is an absolutely hilarious video..and unfortunately true. Enjoy! Oh and by the way, please follow me on Twitter.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Are you being plagiarised?

In this day and age, almost all forms of content are available online and it's easy for plagiarism to run amok.

Copyscape provides an interesting proposition. Simply enter your website or page URL and it'll search through the web for similar content and matches.

Essentially, you will be shown a list (if any) of webpages that have a high number of matching content and text to your site.

Progressive breaks

I find myself listening to a lot of be progressive breaks recently on Proton Radio. Somehow, the *dum tsk dum tsk* helps me focus better at work.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Friday night hangout

Made a couple of friends playing ball at the Southern Playground at Wan Chai. One of them, Karl, an American-born Chinese from L.A brought me to Swindlers on friday night. The place is a small little pub by Lockhart Road on the *ahem* slightly dodgy end of Wan Chai.

It was one of the few pubs in Wan Chai with a live band and boy, were they were amazing. It's not so surprising that they were Filipinos, Hong Kong is after all, swimming with them (pun intended). The music was a mix of heavy rock and some mainstream stuff. Crowd was mainly Caucasian with some locals and the food and beer were great and pretty decently priced.

Definitely a place to go again just to kick back and chill.

Typhoon Shelter Crab

I never used to like crabs that much. My girlfriend loves them. But after trying the spicy crab at Causeway Bay (Place is called Under Bridge Spicy Crab - Canal/Lockhart Road), I am a convert. Served dry with a mountain-load of garlic, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

The essentials

Some of the things keeping me sane in Hong Kong:

1. Playstation Portable - Playing NBA Live 09 and Winning Eleven

2. iPhone - It's first generation but it works great. Other than for calls and texting, I use it for music, games and watching shows on the MTR. Current playing Futurama Season 3 (I'm a big TV fan)

3. iMAC - I use it download stuff and watch shows. I'm currently watching 30 Rock. Tina Fey is simply brilliant and Alex Baldwin is at his best. Also all the big NBA games (Anything with the Lakers, Cavs or Heat).

4. Gym - It's great that my apartment has a gym available. I'm too lazy to actually have to travel to one. There's also a pool and I'm looking forward to using it come Summer.

5. Basketball - There's a huge basketball court (its actually 4 full courts) at the Southern playground in Wan Chai about 5 mins walk from my apartment. I've made a couple of friends playing there already. Downside is that it's always packed.

6. Church - Went to a nice church last week called Community Church Hong Kong. Will be trying out another church tomorrow and decide which one I want to attend regularly.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Panic button on Gmail

Ever sent a message on Gmail and then immediately wished you didn't? Or forgot to include the attachment?

Gmail just launched their new Undo Send function under Google Labs.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


My favourite song from the new U2 album - No Line on the Horizon. U2 performing Magnificient on the Late Show with David Letterman.

This sums it all up

Ensuring Financial Success and Security

In this current economic climate, someone with good financial skillsets could potentially grow infinitely wealthly from all the possibly undervalued equities out there. Gone are the fundenmentals such as P/E ratio and book value. Market sentiment and greed/panic now drives our once (not so long ago) flourishing global economy.

If you however are not the next Warren Buffet or George Soros in the making, you can (and still) need to make the correct decisions to ensure financial success and security. That's where investments and insurance come in. Investments are primarily for wealth appreciation and staying ahead of inflation as the value of your savings get eroded over time. It is also important to look at it for milestones such as your retirement and children's education.

Insurance on the other hand, should be mainly viewed for protection purposes. To ensure that your family and loved ones will be well taken care off should anything (touch wood) unfortunate happen. You also need to look at general insurance such as medical, accident and hospitalization to help take care of the financial burdens that come with these negativities.

Still clueless? Check out HSBC's new guide to Investments and Insurance.

Amex Open Forum - Resource for small business owners

I was researching social media efforts by banks and financial institutions when I stumbled upon (pun intended) the Open Forum site by Amex.

A great resource for small business owners. I especially like the insightful article (comes complete with a pdf download and worksheet!) about how to better pitch your business to prospects and generally anyone you meet while networking.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Life in the fragrant harbour

It's been a month and a half since my move to Hong Kong. And I have decided to start making time to blog regularly again.

I'm writing this down so that I will stick to it. As opposed to 1 month ago when I pretty much made the same resolution. Or 3 months ago for the matter.

Heard an inspiring podcast by the hillsongs ministry about desires and decisions. Essentially, it's the decisions you make that bring you closer to your desires. To your goals.

And making a decision to lay on the couch with my remote won't bring me any closer to my goals for sure. Time to get up and get moving!