Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Report card: Chicane Live

To be honest, its quite a relief having finally caught Chicane Live. Having first heard him just before I went off to study in Oz, the Behind the Sun album has been one of my favorites ever since.

The Chivas event was jam packed with people and the queue opposite Clarke Quay stretched on for a couple of hundred meters.

However, it was definitely worth the wait. The show kicked off around midnight with a track from their new album - Bruised Water. Many familiar tracks were played - Offshore, Saltwater and Don't give it up.

But the best moment for me had to be when they did Halcyon live, using a mesh of track samplings, decks and am actual band playing the guitar and drums. Man, I've heard so this many times but never played this way before. It was awesome!

I didn't get any vids or pics at the event but here's a clip of how it was done:

My only gripe was that it was over too quickly.

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