Monday, September 08, 2008

Petrol Saver

I carry 2 cards in my wallet most of the time. Actually, when I go to work, I carry a card case and a money clip so that there are no unsightly bulges in my pants. Don't want people to get the wrong idea. Oh and I digress...

The UOB One card is essentially used for all purchases, with the mindset of consolidating all my payments to qualify for the quarterly cash rebate. However, for petrol, the best card has got to be the DBS Esso Mastercard.

Along with the current station discount, this card will give you 10% on all fuel purchases at Esso and Mobil. Simply brilliant and if you think about it further, its an additional $15 savings (on top of station discount) for every $300 fuel purchase (my monthly average), a much better usage/reward yield than the UOB One card.

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