Sunday, March 22, 2009

The essentials

Some of the things keeping me sane in Hong Kong:

1. Playstation Portable - Playing NBA Live 09 and Winning Eleven

2. iPhone - It's first generation but it works great. Other than for calls and texting, I use it for music, games and watching shows on the MTR. Current playing Futurama Season 3 (I'm a big TV fan)

3. iMAC - I use it download stuff and watch shows. I'm currently watching 30 Rock. Tina Fey is simply brilliant and Alex Baldwin is at his best. Also all the big NBA games (Anything with the Lakers, Cavs or Heat).

4. Gym - It's great that my apartment has a gym available. I'm too lazy to actually have to travel to one. There's also a pool and I'm looking forward to using it come Summer.

5. Basketball - There's a huge basketball court (its actually 4 full courts) at the Southern playground in Wan Chai about 5 mins walk from my apartment. I've made a couple of friends playing there already. Downside is that it's always packed.

6. Church - Went to a nice church last week called Community Church Hong Kong. Will be trying out another church tomorrow and decide which one I want to attend regularly.

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