Thursday, January 10, 2013

Microsoft Windows 8 Activation

This is an awesome activation campaign by Microsoft in Portugal.

If you want to say "I'm simple to use", don't just say it, show it. In this activation, Microsoft uses children to do Windows 8 product demos. A great way to create an impactful brand experience for customers at point of sale.

I love how Microsoft prioritized the Win 8 messaging which is something many brands within this category find very difficult to do - Which product benefits should I communicate to address consumer barriers, how do I say everything in one piece of communication.

In this case, the Win 8 TV commercial focuses on the communicating that Win 8 is everything (at once) for everyone. However, a key barrier for Win 8 is that it is a paradigm shift from the old Windows experience that everyone has come to know and people are worried if they will be able to adapt and if the new user experience would be too complex.

What better way to solve this by ingeniously asking children to do Windows 8 demos to customers in an effort to prove that the new operating system is easy to understand.

Great moments strengthen the overall brand experience and as Microsoft puts it: "The moment speaks for itself".


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