Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lynx 2012 - Get It On For The End Of The World

Lynx has always had a simple but inspiring brand idea - Get sprayed to get laid (or the official version which is "Grooms men to seduce") and the brand has been masters at bringing out new ways to communicate this each year.

Their newest launch, Lynx 2012: The Final Edition is inspired by the Mayan calendar, which is set to end its final cycle on the 21st December 2012 – when Mayans believe the world will end. The TV advert for Lynx 2012: The Final Edition was seeded online to drive awareness and generate buzz among the brand’s target audience, before the TV ad campaign broke.

The TV advert sees a young male building a wooden boat in preparation for the end of the world. After all his hard work, he sits down and sprays Lynx 2012 – The Final Edition and in true Lynx style, a number of beautiful women start to descend upon the boat.

On the digital space, Lynx also created a "Last Request Generator" which users can use pre-set or random words to generate their own last requests before the world ends. Lynx doesn't guarantee anything but there's a chance that they will fulfill that last request. There's also a timer on the site that counts down to 21 December 2012

I wonder what happens if doomsday doesn't come - Will there be a Lynx 2013: Survivors Edition?

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