Saturday, June 19, 2010

Double Dutch

Double Dutch ( is a white label location based iPhone application which provides an easy and affordable way for businesses to create their own location based app – i.e. Their very own white labeled Foursquare or Gowalla.

Companies can leverage on this platform to quickly bring to market custom branded Geolocation applications and leverage on mobile interactions to deepen customer engagement with their products and services.

Here is some of the cool things that businesses can do with the DoubleDutch platform:

- Customize your own world of local venues: restaurants, parks, bars, events, music venues. Decide EXACTLY what you want to include in your city guide.

- Customize the game play associated with how people use your business’s application. Do you want to give stickers and points to people who go to museums on Thursdays? You can do that. How about people that go to the movies three Saturdays in a row? You can do that to. 

- Bring a city guide to market under your brand in under three weeks

Check out this video intro for more information:

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