Tuesday, November 24, 2009

H&M never again

I was never a big H&M fan until recently, when I found a nice jacket in Shanghai (of all places). Since then, I've found myself walking into the HK outlets again and again, coming out with a couple of nice sweaters and another cool jacket in anticipation for the much cooler weather this time of the year.

However, having gone back to Shanghai and visiting the famed fabric market at Lujiabang Lu, I've decided that I may never need to shop at H&M or Zara or any other clothes retailer again. I might go to the shops to look for ideas but almost anything, and I mean ANYTHING can be made at the fabric market for a fraction of any retail cost. My first trip there was to make a nice winter jacket (the ones you see in all the nice magazines (think GQ and not FHM) but never ever thought about while living in hot and humid Singapore) - However, I was so amazed by the variety and quality that I ended up with that jacket plus another business jacket and two dress shirts.

The 2-ply dress shirts cost me RMB70 (around SGD15) each - Slim fit with french cuffs (the way I like it) and are exactly the same quality shirts that I make in SG for SGD100 to SGD120.

Yes, it's that cheap. And I've done my homework in HK (SGD60 per shirt) and even Shenzhen (SGD30 per shirt). Here's a picture of the winter outer-jacket I made for RMB480 (Just below SGD100). You can bet I'll be back there soon on my next trip up.


Billy 華仔 said...

Hey Lofty Aspirant,

so where are you from? i'm just curious, there are quite a lot of foreigners working in Hong Kong. My name is Billy, just got back from Canada last year, browsing blogs to meet new people ^_^.


Lofty Aspirant said...

Hey Billy,

Thanks for checking out my blog. I just post some rants from time to time. I'm from Singapore and have been working in HK for the past 10 months so I'm still pretty new here.

Billy 華仔 said...

I see, i got a number of relatives that live in Singapore as well. My family is very very big... cant even imagine it.

Great to see a foreigner that came to Hong Hong and work.

Cheer and Support

Lofty Aspirant said...

Thanks Billy. It's nice meeting you too. I'm on Facebook if you want to keep in touch. Add me at www.intersphere@gmail.com